Adding Social Icons to Shopify Header

Adding Social Icons to Shopify Header

Hey, Hey There,

     This post is for my risky Shopify owners, those that dare to dabble in some code.  Have you ever wanted to add the social icons to the top of your page and not only on the bottom? This video is for you.

    I’m not going to write too much because the video is self explanatory but I will add the lines of code so you can copy and paste then watch the video to see where to place the code.

 This code is credited to a poster on Shopify community.  First click on online store > then click the 3 dots > then click edit code > you can type in the search bar on the left ‘header.liquid’. Then  You’re going to look for the following code in your header.liquid and replace it.  

Watch the video below to follow along, you’d have to click the highlighted word to get the code.  When I tried adding here it wasn’t linear and looked confusing. Sorry.  Get the Code  Shopify Community Board



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