Our Story

Haute Luxe Gold was created because I wanted a more natural approach to my  skincare routine.  I was doing all the things the dermatologists recommended and I was still breaking out. I changed my diet and nothing helped. 

My dermatologists wanted to put me on Accutane; that scared me 😂, so I went on a hunt to find something natural that did the same thing.  I found out Vitamin B5 helped heal acne prone skin, I then found out Goats Milk had vitamin B5.

So I decided to try to make turmeric soap with goats milk soap base. I enjoyed the creative process. Something about using something that you make yourself is so gratifying.  I made so much I figured I'd sell it. 

I can't say that my soap will treat/cure any ailments but I've gotten compliments on my skin being brighter and more even toned, and I notice that I don't break out as much.  

I pride myself in handcrafting each soap bar with a blend of rich, nourishing ingredients, essential oils, and an exquisite touch of 24k gold. Simply because I like luxury things. 

I hope you enjoy using Haute Luxe Gold soap and share it with friends and family.