Designing A Shopify Homepage With a Small Catalogue.

Designing A Shopify Homepage With a Small Catalogue.

Hey There,

     You just started your entrepreneur journey? And you don’t have a big catalog of products? Okay sis or bro this blog post is for you.  If you don’t want to read then check out the video below.

     I want to help you design your online store front yourself.  I know the title says Shopify, but don’t worry, this works for Wix, Squarespace or any platform you’re on.

      So if you don’t know, your homepage is like an actual store front of a physical store, you want to display all your best stuff in the window.  Which means if you’re having a sale, put your sale on the homepage, preferably before the fold ( I’ll explain that in a second ).  If you have a new product put that on the homepage, you have a best seller? feature it on the homepage. You get the idea. 😁

     Now let’s break down this home page. From the top of the page, where your navigation Is to the bottom of your screen on your device, that’s considered above the fold.  It’s the area where you want to put a call to action and feature the product you want sales on.  It’s your introduction to what your site is about and it gives you the opportunity to convince people to scroll down further. 

     When you have a few products, let’s say 3 products, or 3 categories in your store, display all three products on the home page.  With Shopify’s new 2.0 themes the options are endless for how to display your products.  You can use the collage section to show all three categories ( or products if that’s all you have ) with high quality images.

     A quick note about images if you don’t have great product images  you can use stock images that look very close to your product for the category photo on your home page.  And for the actual product images use the images from the company ( they usually have high quality images ) but also add some lifestyle images of someone wearing the product; whether it’s eyelashes, lipstick, eye glasses, clothing or hand bags.  But whatever the product is make that the focus of your shot.  

    I’m getting side tracked, let’s get back to designing your homepage.  After you display your top offer with a call to action above the fold and after you display your categories or products you should feature one item.  Use the product feature section in Shopify ( i don’t know 🤷🏾‍♀️ what it would be called on other platforms ) but basically you want to give your customers an option to buy right now, right right now.  So an image of the product with a description and buy now button.

      Your next section to break it up some could be an e-mail sign up form.  Offer a discount or something free to capture your customers email.  I’m sure you know this but capturing emails allows you to:

  • re-target customers who purchased before, with new products.  
  • It allows you to send abandoned cart emails.
  • It gives you the opportunity to build a community of loyal customers by establishing a relationship with them.

     Okay, I don’t want to make this too long, I touched on the basics but if you are a visual learner watch the video below to see all the steps I took to design a website with only a few products.  

Good luck. And you got this.


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