Shopify Theme Accelerator

Shopify Theme Accelerator

This post is an after thought, I didn’t even think to document my experience in the accelerator program.  So I will backtrack a bit before talking about the current phase I’m in.

Shopify re-opened their theme store to developers to submit new themes.  I was sent an email asking if I wanted to make Shopify themes.  I’m not sure how I was chosen to get the email, I have a Shopify store (obviously) but that doesn’t mean I was capable of making a theme.  

But in my case I was semi capable. I took a bootcamp 2 years ago where I learned HTML, CSS and Javascript as well as UX design.  The accelerator program is for 6 months and broken down into 6 phases.

PHASE 1- Research

In This Phase we were to define the niche we wanted to build our themes in.  We were to find merchants that already existed in that particular niche and ask them questions about what features they wanted and thought would improve their experience.

The next thing we had to do was think about a description for our theme that was unique along with 3 features we wanted to include.  We also had to think about the problem our theme was supposed to solve.  I’m not going to lie I switched up a lot during this phase. I had so many features that I wanted to include and I had to see which of those features could be beneficial to more than one industry. 

The industries I wanted to make a theme for were ones that I was passionate about and were familiar with. Fashion (because I shop online) Food ( because I love to eat) , and Film ( Aside from watching I have a filmmaking background). 

At the end of each phase we filled out a questionnaire  and submitted it to the Shopify team. 

Once you submit your deliverable you get to move on to the next phase. After completing each phase Shopify sends us swag.  Some people got hats others got snacks and a cup. Here’s what i got.

Shopify swag gift 

I love the glass cup which is good for hot drinks or cold (it doesn’t keep the temperature), it fits perfectly with my Keurig.  The gummies were soooo good I think they may be from Sugarfina.  The dark chocolate bar was filled with caramel and was so tasty. There is a coaster in there as well as a puzzle and coffee. ( I gave the coffee to a friend since I don’t drink coffee).

I’ll be making posts about the next two phases that I’ve completed so far and hopefully remember to document the last 3. 


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